6 thoughts on “Hollyhills – Mondays

  1. We spent most of the time practicing “Embrace the Tiger, return to the Mountain” on this day. Frankly, I think the tiger left me on the mountain because I have been struggling with this move for some reason. I find it especially helpful when Nancy demonstrates WHY we are doing the moves, and I like to be reminded during practice. For example, “You are throwing your opponent out of the way with this move…” I don’t know, maybe it appeals to my hidden violent tendencies or something, but this is an effective learning tool for me. I never have an issue when we spend tons of time on one move…I think it’s necessary to develop muscle memory for it and I’m grateful if someone admits they need to do it again. Practice never hurt anyone!

  2. Hi All,
    If you would like to practice on Wednesdays when our classes end until fall, we can meet at my house and practice in my side yard.
    If it is rainy we won’t meet.
    Time 9:30. Start date: 8/27 I will be gone on the 20th
    Address 3621 108th St SE
    Phone 425-337-7831
    Dialine “D”

  3. On Monday, we continued working on Embrace the Tiger, Return to the Mountain…. it seemed like we are making progress with this movement. AND, everyone was happy to get back to class and see each other

  4. Class was off and running again this week, working to refine Embrace the Tiger, and moving on to Fist under Elbow.
    We are starting to learn the greetings for the upcoming seminar.

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