8 thoughts on “Woodinville – Hand Form Refinement

  1. We discussed having a rotation of people taking turns posting class notes. We also discussed making a depository for questions for Master Yang, which can be presented during seminar.

  2. Today Nancy encouraged us to try facing a different direction while practising the form. It was rather confusing; we will need a lot of practice and observe the 10th essential (quiescent mind) in order to succeed to decouple the entrenched visual cues from the movements.

  3. Today in the Hand Form class we worked on individual problem areas. Each of us worked on two problem areas. Most of us had real moments of clarity. Even when we observed someone else, we found things we were able to apply to our own form. I finally understood “inside the corner.” Wow! a real break through for me.

  4. On Thursday we practiced the third section. Then we worked on individual needs for movements in that section.

  5. Today the topic of discussion was Fair Lady Works at Shuttles. For the shuttles, the right elbow must not extend too far back, i.e. past the body. For the second and fourth shuttle, do not overturn the body. While doing the second and fourth shuttle – at the end of the counter clockwise turn with pivoting on the left foot, the arms should be parallel, so that when weight shifting next onto the left leg, the left arm now has room to circle and do the shuttle threading move.

  6. Monday Class Review
    Here are things to work on while we are on Summer break:

    Barbara – Hand Strums the Lute = Coordinate Upper/Lower Body
    Trudi – Repulse the Monkey = Relax the Waist
    Diane – Shangbu = Match Inside and Outside
    Alison – Parry, Block & Punch = Coordinate Upper/Lower Body = Balance (footwork)
    Diana – Single Whip = Define Empty & Full
    Leslie – Cloud Hands = Shoulders & Elbows Down

    Overall notes:
    *Round your arms – Parting Wild Horses Mane
    *Hug your tree – cloud hands
    *Keep body open to corner – Golden Rooster & 7 Stars (body squares too soon)
    *Body Posture = one line from lower body (leg) to upper body (torso)

    Have a great Summer break! See you September 22nd!!


  7. Thursday Class Review
    Here are some things to work on while we are on Summer Break:

    Peggy – Grasp the Bird’s Tail = Relax the Waist.
    Nancy – White Crane Spreads Its Wings = Coordinate Upper/Lower Body
    Trudi – Parry, Block & Punch = Coordinate Upper/Lower Body (timing)
    Barbara – Repulse the Monkey = Practice Continuously

    Overall notes:
    *Bubbling Well point at Preparation and all during form
    *Footwork Direction – Embrace the Tiger, Single Whip, Cloud Hands, Shuttles,
    Chop with Fist
    *Over turning the body – Left Separation Kick
    *Boxing Opponents Ears – No Jumping
    *Round the arms – Rollback, Ward Off Left to Ward Off Right, Horses Mane,
    Lotus Kick
    *Body Direction – Golden Rooster & 7 Stars (keep body open towards corner
    when grabbing/pulling and then use the Waist and turn body to complete
    the movement).
    *Show End Postures – Rollback to Press
    *Push – Arms go from shoulder height to chest height to shoulder height

    Have a fabulous Summer! See you in September!


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