Class Curriculum

Students will start by learning  upper and lower body conditioning that includes footwork and arm movements.

After learning the basics of our foundation, we progress, at the pace of the class, to learn the Yang Family Traditional Tai Chi Hand Form (103 Movements), also known as the “Long Form.”  Although there are 103 Movements in total, there are only 36 different movements.  This means there are a lot of repeat movements in the form.  Students will learn the upper and lower body movements while also learning the martial art application for each.  Knowing and learning the martial art component for each movement allows the student to embrace the traditional method of learning Tai Chi.  This method helps students recall each portion of the movement during individual practice.  Students are not required to have martial art skills or have the ability to use Tai Chi for self defense.  It is taught for information and assisting with individual practice.

Upon completion of the Hand Form, students can continue learning other Yang Family Traditional Tai Chi Forms such as the 67 Movement Sword or 16 Movement Saber Forms.  They are both weapon forms which enhance and compliment the Tai Chi experience.

Students can also learn the Yang Family Tai Chi Push Hand Forms.  This exercise form requires a partner where students learn horizontal and vertical hand and arm patterns.  Learning Push Hands allows students a practical exercise method in exploring the energies used in the Hand Form.

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