3 thoughts on “Woodinville – Saber Form

  1. 8/7/14 Working towards independent practice of the complete sabre form by next week! (Everyone is showing improvement…) Nancy’s tip for the day… watch footwork, especially no crossing feet on empty steps and step wide enough on the bow stance movements. Helpful tip from last week on transition to first shuttle – rotate body to Left to bring Left palm over ward-off position, rather than leading with arm and losing balance.

  2. Congratulations on receiving your Certificate of Completion for your Saber Form. A very proud moment for all of us!

    Here are some things to work on during our Summer break:

    Diane – Footwork and direction
    Barbara – Looking direction and showing more energy
    Diana – Extend arms and use your waist
    Alison – Footwork = Root First
    Leslie – Footwork and showing more energy

    Enjoy the rest of Summer and I’ll see you September 22nd!


  3. Congratulations to Nancy for receiving her Certificate of Completion for her Saber Form.

    Here are some things to work on with your Saber Form during our Summer break:

    Nancy & Barbara – Show more energy, watch your footwork

    Have a great Summer!


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