2012 World Tai Chi Day

Hi Everyone:

A huge “thank you” to everyone who showed up this morning and participated in our World Tai Chi Day event at Grasslawn Park in Redmond.

We started with the 18 breathing exercises, followed by the Traditional Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan Hand Form. And, I’m happy to report that during our practice the sun came out, shining brightly, warming up our bodies and lifting our spirits.

We were joined by Eric Madsen, certified instructor from the Redmond Yang Chengfu Tai Chi Chuan Center, who participated in our breathing and hand form practice.  He also showcased the 67 Movement Sword Form and the 13 Movement Saber Form.  Eric is a dedicated student of Master Yang’s as well as being a talented instructor and tai chi player.  We all saw evidence of this during the “Q&A” part of our gathering and by watching his excellent demonstration of the weapon forms.

After practice finished, a few of us had lunch together at Mandarin Chinese Buffet where we thoroughly enjoyed the delicious food and conversations.

Thank you again for contributing to this global event.  I hope this inspired your day!


4 thoughts on “2012 World Tai Chi Day

  1. Thank you and Mike for bringing tai chi into my life. It has made such a difference in everything I do and feel. Wish we could do more outside. Seems like everyone has such a positive attitude.

  2. Thank you, Shirlee! I’m glad tai chi has made a difference in your life. I know you have made a difference in mine!

  3. I would like to thank you also for such an inspiring experience. I’m so glad that I joined the Tai Chi class. What a beautiful day we had.

  4. This was my first attendance to World Tai Chi day. I enjoyed it very much; particularly the sword and saber demo – one rarely gets the privilege of viewing such an inspiring display,

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