Remlinger Farms

What a beautiful day! We all gathered outside the entrance of the Remlinger Farms Store waiting for everyone to show up and proceeded to their restaurant where we were served our delicious sandwich accompanied by either soup or salad. We celebrated Carla’s birthday by sharing a yummy vanilla/chocolate cake (we actually had some left for her to take home) and made our pit stops before heading to the steam train ride.

After the fun ride, we visited the animals (llamas, chickens, a turkey and a pheasant, donkeys, goats, and bunnies) and some of us got to feed them! Then we were off strolling the park grounds seeing the hay maze and kiddie rides. We finished by visiting the Store where a few purchased overstocked pies, soaps, cheese, curds, and a glazed plate with a beautifully ornamented serving utensil.

All in all, it was a fabulous outing!

Pictures will be posted in the “picture” section of our website.

Thank you to all who attended!

-Mike & Nancy

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