Demo Team Performance/Practice

Hi Everyone,

This Wednesday, August 14th at 7pm, the Demo Team will perform and practice in lieu of the Review Class at Master Yang’s school. If time permits, please come by so you can be part of the audience as they prepare for a V.I.P. (very important performance).

The Demo Team will be performing in the Masters Demo at the 1st Annual Seattle International Martial Arts Competition this Sunday, August 18th that begins at 5:30pm. If you’d like to attend, here is the link to the website that has all the information you’ll need – cost, directions, etc.

Also, if you’re interested, they are still taking applications for competitors in all events (see website info for a breakdown of categories). We have one student from Master Yang’s school participating and it’d be great if we had more! Just go to the website: to download the information and registration is done online.

We hope to see you Wednesday for our school performance and practice *and* Sunday at the Masters Demo!


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