We’re Back!

Hi Everyone,

Fall classes are back in full swing.  I’ve missed you all during our time off for Summer.  It’s so good to see all your faces again!  Here’s to a fun-filled Fall quarter.


Beginner Class Starting January 6th in Woodinville

A beginner Hand Form class is starting on Friday, January 6th.   This class will meet weekly from 11am to 12pm at JK Personal Training Studio in Woodinville (building adjacent to Post Office).

If you would like to join the class or want more information, please contact me at


Summer Vacation

Hi Everyone,

Today was our last class until we meet back together the week of September 19th (with the exception of Mill Creek and Bothell Senior Centers).

Remember our field trip to the Outback Kangaroo Farm on Saturday, August 6th.  I’ll send reminder email on Monday.

Enjoy your Summer and we’ll see you soon!

-Mike & Nancy

New Book

Hi Everyone,
Maria Weir (Mill Creek) wrote a book entitled “What My Grandmother Told Me” It won the 2016 Skipping Stones Honor Award in the category of multicultural and international books.

You can find the book in the Sno-Isle and the Seattle Public Libraries.

Dichos, or proverbs, offer a daily source of strength and inspiration in Spanish-speaking households all over the world. In this book about growing up in Manila…
Here’s an article in the Daily Herald.

Hand Form

Hi Everyone,

Thanks to Lorraine Wong (Mill Creek/Woodinville) for transcribing and making these files available to everyone.

“Best to print all 3 sections on front and back of one sheet. Then you can fold the sheet into quarters if you want to carry it around.”

Nancy’s Tai Chi DVD 103 Hand Form sec 1 and 2

Nancy’s Tai Chi DVD 103 Hand Form sec 3

You can go to YouTube to view the same Hand Form videos as the ones on Nancy’s DVD if you prefer to use the internet instead of a DVD player:

Section 1:

Section 2:

Section 3:

Hope you find these helpful.